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African governments and countries of destination of African diaspora are recognising the value that diaspora populations bring to development efforts and are seeking ways to magnify the human capital and financial resources that diaspora and their descendants contribute to development in their countries of origin and descent. Beyond the remittances diaspora is sending, diaspora members are also fulfilling a key development role in their countries of origin and descent as major relief workers in case of emergency, direct investors, generous philanthropists and first movers in the growth of important sectors such as tourism, and in the development of human capital, which the international NGOs are slow to act. However, the diaspora needs to be active in informing development policy in their countries of origin and descent and in countries of resident. Africa Centre is leading on this front in Ireland as the only African diaspora membership organisation to get the African voice heard in Ireland and European platforms. For more information contact mbemba@africacentre.ie.