Who We Are?

About us

Africa Centre is a charitable and non-profit organization founded in 2000 by a group of activists within the African diaspora community in Ireland. This group of activists wanted the community to have be active participants and have a voice in Irish so- ciety. The organization was officially launched in October 2001 by Ms. Melanie Verweord, the then South African Ambassador to Ireland, and Mr. Niall Crowley, the Chief Executive Officer of the Equality Authority at the time.

The African diaspora communities in Ireland represent, in themselves, the variety of a vast continent with its own rich cultural diversity. The growing presence of these communities produced a need to provide a voice for the growing number of Africans in Ireland and this is what the Africa Centre community participation is all about.
An enhanced African presence in Ireland means that awareness, contact and exchange need to be central to the mutual ad- vantage of all interested people. This was a key element in the original vision that saw the emergence of the Africa Centre in the early 2000.

Since its formal launch in October 2001, the Africa Centre has made great strides. The Africa Centre has promoted and encour- aged the development of initiatives that explain African diaspora concerns to a wider audience. Simultaneously these encour- age the linkages and strategies that enable new African diaspora communities in Ireland to address their needs.

Our Aims

To reach out to the developing African immigrant community in Ireland and to promote their participation in society

To engage in community development and poverty alleviation projects that improve African community living standards.

To advance public education and knowledge on intercultural and anti-racism issues.

To promote links between Ireland and Africa and advance co-operation, dialogue and partnership on development issues.

To build capacity and resources, where people may engage in social and cultural activities, training and where they may engage in research on issues relating to Africa and Africa-Ireland exchange.

To network and collaborate with persons and bodies working among immigrants or active in global justice issues both at the local and international levels.

Our Vision

Our vision is of a just, tolerant and inclusive society that recognize and values the mutual benefits of inclusion and participation. We are conscious of our global interconnectedness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate the meaningful inclusion of African people in all social, political and economic aspects of life in Ireland. We strive to promote a balanced and fair representation of Africa and its people among people in Ireland.

Our Values

Our Values are respect and equality, the spirit of `Ubuntu ́ – of our connectedness as human beings to one another and a culture that nurtures participation and interdependence.

The Africa Centre also Works with the following values:

  • Anti-racism
  • Inclusion
  • Learning
  • Just society
  • Belonging / home
  • Stability
  • Creativity
  • Relationship