The Africa Centre membership renewal is open to everyone who subscribed to the aims and objective of the organization. We appreciate your support and interest in the work of the Africa Centre and appeal for you to consider joining as a new member.

Membership of the Centre offers a number of benefits. Members can participate in the various activities of the Centre, including our Annual Public Lecture, training programmes, attendance of social and cultural events, where members can network with people from various cultural backgrounds. Also as a member of the Africa Centre you can avail subsidized cost for short courses with DTALK (Development Training and Learning @ Kimmage) and many more.

The Africa Centre has been extremely busy with numerous public events, including the Annual Lecture, Africa Business Seminar, our Intercultural Youth Society preparation for 2016 elections and many more events. 

Africa Centre has been an active in the community for 14 years.  Watch out for more events to celebrate that achievement. Our focus is to decentralize our activities to regional level carrying out consultation with African community groups to shape future direction of the Africa Centre. We need your continued support to enable us to meet these targets. 

I am looking forward to welcoming you as a new/returning member of the Africa Centre.  If you have any questions call me at 01-661928901-8656951 or 0868323499. You can also reach me by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or download Print Form to become a member.

Thanks again for your continued support.

Mbemba Jabbi

Africa Centre

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