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2015 Africa Centre annual lecture

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The Africa Centre in collaboration with TIDI, Trinity College Dublin and Dublin City Council invite you to their 2015 annual lecture 'China in Africa - What is there to Learn?'  The Keynote speaker will be Dr. Pádraig Carmody, Geography Department, Trinity College, followed by guest speaker, Ms. Sombo Muzata Chunda, Diakonia Country Representative in Zambia. The annual lectures are part of Africa Centre’s Development Education Programme funded by Irish Aid and has become a key annual event which contributes to the Irish African dialogue.

Africa Centre wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year.

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Youth Engagement for Development Training Event

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Africa Centre is organizing a Training for Trainers (TOT) program, towards infusing multiple perspectives into development education interventions.

Renowned Kenyan scholar Ali Mazrui died 13th October, Monday morning age 81 in Binghamton, New York, in the United States, after several months of illness.
Professor Ali Mazrui was a guest speaker by video link at the 2007 Africa Centre Annual Lecture titled “Race versus culture in the new global politics: implication for Africa”.
According to the Kenyan Daily Nation News, relatives gathered at his Mombasa Old Town home on Monday to pay tribute to the scholar and make funeral arrangements and former Chief Kadhi Sheikh Kassim Khamad, who is related to the scholar, said arrangements to bring the body home from the US will start today, October 14th. The body is expected in Kenya either on Thursday or Friday with the burial set for the weekend.
Relatives described Prof Mazrui as an academic giant and a global scholar with extraordinary determination.

Dear members, supporters and colleagues,

I am inviting you to the Africa Centre 2014 AGM on the 27th September starting at  10am.
As part of the AGM I am  also inviting you to a discussion on the future strategic for the Africa Centre as part of our consultative process for a new strategic plan 2014 – 2017.

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Africa Centre Plans Next Trip to Kilkenny

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Did you miss the trip to Wicklow with the Intercultural Youth Society last July? Are you interested in creatively engaging with other youths across various cultural backgrounds in Ireland? Another great opportunity is near. We are taking another trip very soon, this time to kilkenny...Yay! More information coming soon on this page or on facebook We look forward to a great event!


Tracing the origin of Africa Centre

 Africa Centre was officially launched on 23rd October 2001, at the offices of the Equality Authority in Dublin, by the then South African Ambassador to Ireland Ms. Melanie Verwoerd.  To us at the Africa Centre and to many others who have come to know about the organisation since then, October 2001 has become the birth date of the organisation. In October last year we celebrated our fifth anniversary by a major conference at the Royal Dublin Hotel.  This October is our sixth anniversary and we are marking it with two key events:  An African Community Forum and the launch of our new quarterly news letter [Africa Links???].

When Neltah asked me to write a piece about the history of Africa Centre, I found it to be an opportunity, as some one who have been there from the very beginning, to write about the early developed of the Centre, up to 2002.  Much of the history of the organisation after this date is well documented in our annual reports or the minutes of organisations meetings.

So, where did it all start?  The idea to establish Africa Centre can be traced to beyond 1999.  However, in May 1999 I had a meeting with some of the members of the then African Refugee Network and we discussed the possibility of broadening the scope of the organisation beyond its focus on African refugees to incorporate the interest of other members of African community in Ireland.  A letter was then written in to SPIRASI to provide us with an office space, which was granted.  However things did not progress further on this front due to factors beyond the scope of this paper.

However, the decisive step that led to the establishment of the Africa Centre can be traced back to 24th November 2000 when a meeting took place between myself and Rev Sahr Yambasu, at the margin of the Comhlámh’s 25thanniversary conference at Marino Institute of Education in Dublin.  We exchanged our own stories of our experiences in Ireland since we arrived and the changing complexion in the country since then.  In particular, we were very aware of the significant increase in the population of African immigrants compare to their scarcity a few years ago.  We agreed that there is a need to respond to these developments and for the developing African community to have a voice. I mentioned to Sahr the discussions that took place with the African Refugee Network and the lack of progress thereafter. 

To progress the matter further, we agreed that it is important to widen the loop and invited Fidele Mutwarasibo who is originally from Rwanda, Abibu Tamu from Sierra Leone to join a steering committee.  The first meeting of this steering group took place at the Irish Sudanese Solidarity office at Church Missionary Society building in Rathmines early December 2000.  Beside the four of us, this meeting was also attended by Fr. Raymond McQuarrie of the Missionaries of Africa.  The group was further expanded with the joining of Mr. Cherif Labreche an Algerian immigrant, Mercy Peters from Sierra Leone and Sr. Majella McCarron who had worked in Nigeria for several years.  Other members who joined the steering group afterwards included Dr. Sabri El-Tayb, a Sudanese immigrant.  

A series of meetings of the steering group followed the first meetings.  These meetings were almost taking place fortnightly and by May 2001 we had agreed a name, constitution and programme of action.  We then embarked on plans to contacting key stakeholders that we had identified, first to share our ideas with them and also to start look for possibilities for funding.   Some of the first organisation we met included Trocáire, National Committee for Development Education (NCDE), before it was incorporated into the Department of Foreign Affairs.  We also met with key African community and migrant-led groups, including: Irish Sudanese Solidarity group (ISSG), African Refugee Network (ARN), Association of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Ireland (ARASI), Association of Nigerian Asylum Seekers in Ireland (ANASI) and others.

 Having completed the theoretical framework for the organisation, we started to plan for the launch of the organisation and short-term Quick Impact programme of action.  We invited the South African Ambassador to Ireland and the Equality Authority for the launch of the organisation, which took place on 23rd October 2001.  The launch at the Equality Authority Office was attended by a huge crowd, representing African community and various organisations. The launch was marked by a cultural event – Calabash Night – showcasing drumming, African Music and poetry, which provided an outlet for participants to see positive aspects of African people.

 After the launch, we started the process of incorporating the Centre as a company limited by guarantee.  This process was completed in November 2001.  We also applied to the Office of Revenue Commissioner for the charity status, which was granted in February 2002.

 Also in 2002 we were able to obtain funding from Trocáire, NCDE and European Refugee Fund, which enable us to rent an office space at Terenure Enterprise Centre and to employ, for the first time, a part-time project worker.  A website was also completed and launch at Christmas-Ramadan together party in December 2002.  Other activities during this early stage of our development include:

-          Africa Week, which was celebrated in both Dublin and Galway and included Art exhibitions. The exhibition was launch in Dublin by Senator Mary Henry and by the Lord Mayer of Galway Donal Lyons, in Galway.

-          Africa Centre made a submission to the National Action Plan against racism

-          A public meeting on the situation in Zimbabwe

-          Developing World Week at Trinity College

-          Africa Centre and Church of Ireland organised a welcoming of newcomers event in November 2001, which was attended by over 400 people.    

In conclusion, I believe that the time has come for the Africa Centre to seriously start to document the history of the organisation and as Coordinator; I will give this my utmost priority to ensure that we record the history of this organisation for future generation.


 -Mr Dier Tong, First Director 

 The Centre is looking for someone to take over the volunteer position of Youth Development Officer starting the last week of July.

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Africa Centre to take Wicklow Trip

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Interested in spending a day in the lovely Wicklow Mountains? Come with us on our hiking trip on Saturday, July 26th!  For more information see our Events page or visit us on facebook We hope to see you there!

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ENAR convention June 20-21st 2014 Brussels

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On June 20th – 21st, our own Iwa Sebit travelled to Brussels to attend the European Anti-Racist Convention held by the European Network Against Racism (ENAR).

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