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Africa Centre and the Wheel agreed on a date to host the second People's Conversation. As the first Conversation we had was very productive, we are delighted to organise the second phase of the project and push it to the next level!

Renowned Kenyan scholar Ali Mazrui died 13th October, Monday morning age 81 in Binghamton, New York, in the United States, after several months of illness.
Professor Ali Mazrui was a guest speaker by video link at the 2007 Africa Centre Annual Lecture titled “Race versus culture in the new global politics: implication for Africa”.
According to the Kenyan Daily Nation News, relatives gathered at his Mombasa Old Town home on Monday to pay tribute to the scholar and make funeral arrangements and former Chief Kadhi Sheikh Kassim Khamad, who is related to the scholar, said arrangements to bring the body home from the US will start today, October 14th. The body is expected in Kenya either on Thursday or Friday with the burial set for the weekend.
Relatives described Prof Mazrui as an academic giant and a global scholar with extraordinary determination.

Monday, 18 August 2014 14:16

Africa Centre Plans Next Trip to Kilkenny

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Did you miss the trip to Wicklow with the Intercultural Youth Society last July? Are you interested in creatively engaging with other youths across various cultural backgrounds in Ireland? Another great opportunity is near. We are taking another trip very soon, this time to kilkenny...Yay! More information coming soon on this page or on facebook We look forward to a great event!


 The Centre is looking for someone to take over the volunteer position of Youth Development Officer starting the last week of July.

Tuesday, 08 July 2014 11:38

Africa Centre to take Wicklow Trip

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Interested in spending a day in the lovely Wicklow Mountains? Come with us on our hiking trip on Saturday, July 26th!  For more information see our Events page or visit us on facebook We hope to see you there!

Monday, 07 July 2014 13:48

ENAR convention June 20-21st 2014 Brussels

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On June 20th – 21st, our own Iwa Sebit travelled to Brussels to attend the European Anti-Racist Convention held by the European Network Against Racism (ENAR).

This morning our Director Mbemba Jabbi was privileged to meet the President of Mozambique His Excellency Armando Emitio Guebuza, at the Manson House in Dublin as an invited guest of the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Oisin Quinn.

Thursday, 03 July 2014 13:21

Africa Centre Celebrates Africa Liberation Day

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On Saturday June 14th, members of the Africa Centre travelled to Kilkenny to join the Kilkenny African Community in celebrating Africa Liberation Day.  The event was an incredible success and attended by people of all ages, ethnicities and national backgrounds, including many dignitaries and guests such as Theresa Delahunti, the caretaker of Kilkenny County, and Emigration Officer Helen Nugent.

 Africa Liberation Day is an annual holiday, usually occurring on or around May 25th that celebrates each year the progress of the liberation movements in Africa and the strength and determination of the people of the African continent.  The creation of the holiday was originally proposed in 1956 by the Conference of Independent African States, which was the first Pan-African conference to be held on African soil.  The celebrations in Kilkenny reflected these values – history alongside progress and a spirit of inclusiveness.  The program of events showcased the strength and talent of the youth and delved into many aspects of African cultural heritage, from food to dance, to dress. Traditional dance performances were followed by modern day rap and the room was awash with colours and fabrics representing both traditional dress and modern day style from all over Africa and Ireland.

It was a small but beautiful glimpse of what Ireland could be – a patchwork of colour, of histories, of races, free of prejudice and instead full of joy, celebrating each other’s differences and remembering the many similarities that bind us together. 

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