Migration And Development

The Africa Centre recognised migration as a significant factor for the achievement of all three pillars of sustainable development – economic, social and environmental development of African countries as far as the role of the African diaspora is a concern. The objective of our migration and development activities is to contribute to a better understanding of the links between international migration and development to harness the development potential of migration for the benefit of both societies and migrants and to contribute to sustainable development and poverty reduction in countries of origin and descent. With our partners in Europe, the Africa Centre is influencing policy on migration and development including the realization of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and influencing Global Compact on Migration. For more information contact mbemba@africacentre.ie

Sustainable Livelihood

Africa Centre’s biggest aim is the elimination of poverty in target African countries with our development partners. Africa Centre, however, stresses that there are many ways of applying livelihoods approaches in international development, but there should be a policy shift for the diaspora to be at the forefront of any future interventions from Ireland to African countries. Although the application of the livelihoods approach is flexible and adaptable to specific local settings and to objectives defined in a participatory manner, between the diaspora, who know more the needs of the African countries and it underlies a couple of core principles that can be incorporated in any decision making. For more information contact mbemba@africacentre.ie


African diaspora entrepreneurs are uniquely positioned to recognize opportunities in their countries of origin, to exploit such opportunities as “first movers,” and to contribute to job creation and economic growth. But many developing countries have had only limited success in attracting diaspora direct investors and entrepreneurs to their countries of origin or ancestry. Africa Centre is working with its partners in Europe and Africa to influence policy for diaspora engagement in entrepreneurship development in African countries that can contribute to job creation leading to poverty eradication. For more information contact mbemba@africacentre.ie

Women And Youth

African leaders have recognized the urgency of investing in Africa’s women and youth to ensure they are productive agents of their growing economies. The Africa Centre and its partners are working with African Union institutions facilitating the implementation of the African Union Agenda 2063, “The Africa We Want”. Beyond this policy, African Centre and its partners want to see that African governments will need to work closely with the private sector, multilateral organizations and civil society to scale up the programmes that work and make that agenda a reality. For more information contact mbemba@africacentre.ie,