Migrant Political Participation

The Africa Centre Civic Participation project is the first ethnic minority organisations that engaged in political education in Ireland before the 2004 citizenship referendum and subsequent local and national elections. The organisation on its own and in partnership with other NGOs have launch series of campaigns to educate migrants on the Irish political system.  The Africa Centre Voter Education and Mobilization campaign slogan “Your Vote is Your Voice” generated lots of interest in 2006 and in 2007, the centre teamed up with Comhlamh and carried out a week-long voter education training for immigrants and all political parties were invited to present their party manifesto to participants. Since 2007, the centre has been carrying out voter mobilization and political education on its own or in partnership with other organisations. For the coming elections (Local and European) in 2019, the centre will be launching its voter education and mobilisation drive soon encouraging African diaspora and other migrants to register to vote. For more information email community@africacentre.ie

Diaspora Family Support

Diaspora Family Support Services is a service that Africa Centre helps families and individuals facing culturally sensitive, health, legal and employment challenges offering them support through our own pro-bono consultant professionals or through referrals to services and we also offer advocacy on the issues affecting our communities. For more information contact, community@africacentre.ie or chairperson@africacentre.ie

African Diaspora Forum

The African Diaspora Forum is an event organized by the Africa Centre. The event is held annually and involves inviting African Diaspora Leaders and other interested people to discuss issues affecting Africans in Ireland. The forum discusses the active participation of Africans at regional counties and links up with their local communities in Ireland. The event has always served as a great opportunity to gather and discuss themes that affect Africans and other minorities in Ireland. For more information contact, community@africacentre.ie or chairperson@africacentre.ie

International Decade For People Of Africa Descent

The international community has recognized that people of African descent represent a distinct group whose human rights must be promoted and protected. In Ireland, there are over 65,000 people identifying themselves as being of African descent and they need a voice. The Africa Centre is the coordinating organisation for the decade and activities will be will be happening in recognition of the United National International Decade for People of African Descent 2014 to 2025 in Ireland. For more information contact chairperson@africacentre.ie

Civic Participation Initiative

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The Civic Participation Initiative (CPI) aims to provide African Immigrants with a greater scope for influencing social, cultural and economic policy. It does so by facilitating a provision of opportunities for participation over and above the ballot box and a means of involvement between elections.

More information coming soon on Africa Centre work on the coming European and Local Elections 2014.