Diaspora mentoring project
Africa Centre Ireland established a branch in The Gambia as its first project activity in Africa. The Gambian office implemented a project on diaspora engagement called the Gambian Diaspora Mentoring Project. This project gave an opportunity to 29 Gambian Diaspora experts with different expertise and skills set to give mentoring services to people working in Gambian Institutions. The project aimed at providing capacity building, learning opportunities and exchange of expertise between Gambian diaspora experts and various Government Institutions, and individual mentees, which included returnees. The project gave opportunity to both parties to share knowledge through peer-to-peer support and guidance, which helped to improve their skills and competence in certain areas, reach their objectives and better deliver their services.  This initiative was motivated by the fact that individual members of the Gambian diaspora are well equipped with various expertise which through mentoring, could trickle down to Gambian institutions and individuals in ways like entrepreneurship development, policy formulation to boost unemployment, health sector reforms, women empowerment, migration, leadership, management etc.