Community Participation


The Africa Centre Community Participation organises the African Diaspora communities to engage and participate in Irish politics by registering, stand for elections and the organisation carryout political education activities. Under this programme, we mobilize the African Diaspora, bringing together African diaspora leaders to discuss the issues affecting their communities in Ireland and nd solutions. We also work with youths through the Intercultural Youth Society.

Africa Diaspora Development Forum. This Activity is an annually organized event by the Africa Centre. This event brings together Africa Diaspora Leaders and other interested parties to discuss issues affecting Africans living in Ireland and the Diaspora contribution to their countries of Origin and Descent. The Forum also encourages the active participation of Africans in regional countries and local communities in Ireland.

Refugee and Migration Network Programme (Support to Asylum seekers, Immigration issues, Human Rights.

Mental Health: Promoting positive mental health through reducing Stigma and suicidal incidents

Entrepreneurship and Employability Support

  • Digitization and skills development.
  • Support to small scale African led businesses to strengthen them.

Languages (English& French both for Adults and children)

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