Towards an African Perspective Exploring Challenges and Considerations for Development Educators

Publication Date : 05 Jul 2006,

The aim of this project was to explore if, and how, Development Educators, on the island of Ireland, dene and incorporate an African perspective within their work.

Report Cross Border Cooperation Between the Africa Centre and The Afro Carribiean Support Organisation

Publication Date : 23 May 2009,

The above project is a cross border cooperation initiative, funded by Cooperation Ireland. This project involved the Africa Centre in Dublin, and the Afro-Community Support Organisation in Northern Ireland, (ACSONI), from Belfast.

This response to the Immigration, Residence and Protection Bill 2008

Publication Date : 30 May 2008,

The Africa Centre and the NCP are committed to empowering new communities to speak for themselves and represent their own interests and to engaging positively and in partnership with policy makers and civil society towards building a truly inclusive and intercultural Ireland

Policy Report Images and Messages about Africa from an African Perspective

Publication Date : 30 June 2011,

This policy report is published by Africa Centre Ireland, African Center Slovenia and African and Caribbean Community Support Organisation of Northern Ireland (ACSONI) as part of a European Commission funded project.

Negative Politics, Positive Vision

Publication Date : 25 Nov 2004,

Negative Politics, Positive Vision: Immigration and the 2004 Elections is a sequel to Positive Politics: Participation of Immigrants and Ethnic Minorities in the Electoral Process published in November last year.

Africa Forum Report February 2014

Publication Date : 28 Feb 2014,

Mbemba Jabbi, Chairperson of the Africa Council and the Director of the Africa Centre welcomed all delegates, including representatives of the diplomatic community, councillors and TDs to the 2014 Africa Forum.

Inclusive Citizenship in 21st Century Ireland

Publication Date : 17 July 2006,

In Ireland the participation of ethnic minority communities in civic life has remained a heavily under-explored area of empirical study and also, until recently, an issue attracting little institutional and organisational attention.