Intercultural Youth Society

The Intercultural Youth Society is a project of the Africa Centre. This project aims to bring youths from diverse backgrounds together to discuss issues that affect them, plan activities to get to know each other and work toward their own meaningful integration into all sectors of Irish society.

The Principles

To clearly dene the code of conduct any visitor or member of the Youth Society should apply. The working group dedicated this meeting time to setting up the principles around which the society would function. Respect and equality are the two principles that were immediately agreed upon. The spirit of “ubuntu”, present in the values of the Africa Centre also came up since the Centre is the “mother company” after all. In order to make the link with the Africa Centre and to give the Youth Society more harmony with the Africa Centre concerning its principles, the working group decided to mark those three principles as the first to be written on the code of conduct.

Furthermore, the working group for the Intercultural Youth Society came up with the principles of a “racism-free zone”, “open-mindedness” and a “friendly environment”.


Respect is a valuable consideration for someone or something. The members of the Intercultural Youth Society acknowledge each other’s histories, backgrounds, cultures, habits and traditions. These individuals understand that they are all different but that they must be kindly accepted and politely considered. Being respectful means assimilating each other’s points of view while simultaneously exchanging words with dignity and esteem.


Equality implies an equal relationship in status, rights and opportunities that are settled between individuals. For that purpose, the Intercultural Youth Society is committed to providing its members with the same benefits. Society expects them to enjoy this equality sensibly as well as to expend it themselves. No member should be either favoured or prejudiced in any form or concerning any activities sovaldi Prix taking place in the Society.


The spirit of “ubuntu” is a conception according to which all human beings are connected to each other in a culture that nurtures participation and interdependence. The Africa Centre and the Intercultural Youth Society share this view.

Racism – Free Zone

The Intercultural Youth Society will not tolerate any form of racism or racist behaviour. If this happens the administrators will expel any member who participates in these negative acts.

Open – Mindedness

The Intercultural Youth Society operates on a policy that is open to discussion and to constructive criticism. Thus any member is free to give his/her point of view on the activities or the spirit of the Society. As long as his/her speech is respectful and honest members can freely communicate with the administrators about various subjects and contribute to the everyday life of the society.

Friendly Environment

Joining the spirit of “ubuntu”, the Intercultural Youth Society is committed to developing a friendly atmosphere where all cultural, social or religious backgrounds can meet and interact with each other. Based on this the actors of the society should have viagra kaufen-friendly behaviour. This means welcoming every new person but not making them feel like guests. Creating good relationships is what makes the Intercultural Youth Society unique. Any contributions made to society should be conducted with that in mind.

The Target Group

The working group decided to aim its activities and events at the youth. These individuals range from 12 to 21 years old. There are two age groups within the range: 12 to 17 and 18 to 21. The working group divided the youth to meet the school system of Ireland. Thus the first group will be made of young people who are in secondary school and the second group will include the ones who are not in school anymore. That group will either be starting college or working already.

The activities and the events of the Intercultural Youth Society will thus be conducted according to the age group it is meant for. The division of the age group should be able to give the Youth Society more harmony and more fluidity in its actions.

The Activities

The Intercultural Youth Society Participates in and hosts a wide range of activities. These include Africa Day and other community festivals, youth conferences, youth-specific workshops, excursions and activities.

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